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KatAlyst Approach and Principles

KatAlyst has its own approach to addressing key business needs in the most effective way. 
We focus on practical solutions tailored to the specific needs of a Client.


We believe that the best results are achieved through a Close Partnership with Clients. This means that we treat as a priority the process of carefully arriving at a joint understanding of objectives, problems and concerns, and then set about addressing them with you in a controlled way for maximum effectiveness.


We promote and implement a People-Centric Style. This involves investing time to make sure that staff see themselves as vital to long term strategy and that they are fully motivated to help achieve it. We can augment business changes through a holistic programme of initiatives to improve staff motivation, not just through financial benefits, but by addressing their work environment, health, training, development - and, most importantly, their involvement in the organisation's plans for the future.


We believe in fostering a Quality approach to resolving issues, since poor quality 'short-cut' solutions rarely end up saving time and money. 

Our Principles

  • We believe people matter and make the difference to corporate success
  • We promote an open style of change based on strong business ethics and social responsibility
  • We believe staff should be trained, healthy and valued in order to become a fully effective and motivated team
  • All our consultancy assignments are expected to identify and deliver benefits to the staff as well as the organisation