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Staff Development

The most significant way that an organisation can motivate staff and maximise their potential is to involve them in an integrated training and development programme, and we have developed an approach to staff training and development geared to achieve maximum results.

Our Services

In line with our principles, we bring together the combination of relevant skills and experience necessary to help develop and deliver a tailored set of staff development initiatives supplemented by appropriate personal effectiveness and technical skills training courses in order to properly support business change. Specific elements include:

  • Staff appraisal and assessment programmes
  • Personal skills development programmes
  • Leadership and mentoring skills
  • Preparing for organisational change
  • Team building exercises to develop common awareness of corporate ethos and quality
  • Workshop facilitation

Our Approach

  • Linked to organisation development objectives, job specifications and training or learning needs analysis
  • Geared to maximise increased staff motivation, job enrichment and ability to contribute to the organisation
  • Gap analysis and requirements to emphasise specific culture, ethos and organisation messages
  • Organise most suitable on-site or off-site depending on budget considerations, timescales and overall objectives
  • Drawing on specialist media, techniques and technology as required e.g. Facilitated workshops, role playing, team building
  • Courses draw on examples from inside and outside of the organisation for maximum learning impact

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