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People-Related Consultancy

We recognise the growing social responsibility on employers to treat their staff well, and the importance to the overall success of a business  of unlocking the full potential of staff working in an organisation - and have developed an approach geared to achieve maximum results.

Our Services

In line with our principles, we bring together the combination of relevant skills and experience necessary for any professional assignment to support an organisation - through from developing a Business Strategy to staffing and delivering all aspects of business change. (e.g. top-down organisational development, tailored training programmes, integrated healthcare management, employee benefits consultancy)

Our Approach

We help build and maintain full top down commitment from management for a properly scoped and integrated programme of change initiatives, controlled through proper project management disciplines. This includes:

  • Developing and reviewing business strategy with a people focus, to complement rather than replace other change initiatives.
  • Developing a corporate vision for people focused management, and promoting it with a cross-organisation Communications Strategy.
  • Using professionally recognised standards to set up manageable sized sub-projects to deliver a regular stream of benefits – with scope and deliverables agreed up front.
  • Effective use of checklists & feedback to minimise nugatory effort & repeat mistakes.
  • Working closely and proactively with stakeholders in the organisation at all levels when developing, reviewing and implementing initiatives.
  • Identifying and managing all people issues and risks across all business functions.
  • Introducing new ideas to improve motivation through: culture, organisation structure, job designs, skill gaps, training needs, staff development, benefits and health care.

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