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Business Strategy

To survive and flourish, all organisations now need a business strategy that is fully integrated into the organisation's systems and processes. This will:

  • be unique to their own combination of culture, history, infrastructure, products & services
  • fully recognise and harness all available opportunities to succeed
  • Make maximum use of its own people's market knowledge, skills and know how
  • address fully the pressures from competitors and other external influences

KatAlyst consultants address these and other factors, and help organisations to develop and implement a successful business strategy.

Our Services

KatAlyst can offer consultancy support through any or all stages of generating and implementing a strategy:

  • Review current business strategy objectives and existing culture
  • Examine existing performance
  • Access expectations/constraints of internal/external stakeholders
  • Undertake environmental, product and competitor audit
  • Generate and evaluate detailed strategic options
  • Develop and agree a strategy
  • Plan and agree a strategy
  • Provide on-going monitoring and support

Specific services include:

  • Business strategy review
  • Facilitation of strategy workshops
  • Implementation of performance management frameworks
  • Auditing strategy implementation
  • Organisational development
  • Process mapping, review and re-engineering
  • Cultural change programmes
  • Staff training and development
  • Coaching/mentoring senior staff responsible for implementing business strategy

Our Approach

In line with our principles, we bring together the combination of relevant skills and experience to help generate the maximum benefit from the strategy to both the organisation and its staff, through:

  • working in close partnership with management and staff
  • applying strong project management
  • a people-oriented approach
  • quality disciplines throughout

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your needs.


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