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Integrated Healthcare Management

A truly effective way for organisations to gain employee loyalty is to look after not only their physical health but their social and psychological health also. To achieve this aim we have developed a strategic approach to integrated healthcare management, focused to achieve employee well being.

Our Services

In line with our principles, we bring together the combination of relevant skills and experience necessary to help develop and deliver a tailored set of initiatives to properly support the integration of employee healthcare with business strategy. Specific elements include:

  • Undertaking occupational health audits
  • Measuring and managing sickness absence
  • Drawing up people-focused policies
  • Improving employee's physical, social and psychological health
  • Developing cost-effective solutions for maintaining future health

Our Approach

  • Prepare the case for adopting an integrated healthcare management approach
  • Outline the scope and scale of changes required to existing services provided
  • Create an implementation plan for introducing changes recommended
  • Develop processes for managing the change
  • Introduce measures for determining the impact of programmes

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