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People Management Skills Courses

Katalyst offers a range of people skills courses to help improve the team skills that are essential in the work place. These include leadership, attendance management, team building and briefing, and effective appraisals.

All courses can be tailored to match your individual requirements.


Course Title
Duration (Days)
Course overview
Motivation Managers and staff
Exploration of motivation
Leadership Managers and staff
Exploration of leadership
Attendance Management Line Managers and employees
½ or 1
Understanding the processes and responsibilities of all the stakeholders
Managing Sickness and Absence Managers and Supervisors
Participants learn techniques to reduce absence levels and provide understanding of best practice and legal implications
Disciplinary and Grievance Managers and Supervisors
Participants will learn best practice in how to handle disciplinary and grievance issues minimising potential employment tribunal claims
Counselling Skills Managers, supervisors and human resources Professionals
Planning and preparation of a counselling discussion and encouraging a counselling style appropriate to the individual
Effective Appraisals Managers and Supervisors
Preparation for appraisals, questioning techniques, two-way communication, feedback and setting objectives
Team Building Team members and team leaders
Provides information on the processes involved in forming, working within and managing teams to ensure objectives are achieved
Team Briefing Managers and Supervisors
Introduces the elements of team briefing and develops communication skills
Listening Skills Those seeking to improve listening in work-related situations
Introduces a number of techniques, all of which will seek to improve participants listening skills
Recruitment and Selection Managers and Supervisors
1 or 2
Preparation of effective job and person specifications, developing anti-discriminatory selection interviewing techniques and gaining an understanding of best practice and legislative requirements
Selection Interviewing Techniques These involved in selection interviewing
Effectively carrying out non-discriminatory selection interviews and applying techniques to help select the best candidates
Spiritual Leadership All Staff
Understanding leadership & discovering your talents
Staff Selection and Interview Technique Personnel and Line Managers
Equip yourself with the skills to select the best candidates for the job

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