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AccessKeys are used throught this site and are are intended to help users who have difficulty using pointing devices such as a mouse. Depending on your browser type, you can use a combination of key strokes to jump to any main area from anywhere else in the site.

  • Windows-based systems:
    • Internet Explorer 4 - press "Alt" + "AccessKey"
    • Internet Explorer 5+ - press "Alt" + "AccessKey", then press "Enter"
    • Netscape 6+ - press "Shift" + "Alt" + "AccessKey"
    • Mozilla Firefox 2 - press "Shift" + "Alt" + "AccessKey"
  • Macintosh-based systems:
    • press the "Ctrl" key + relevant AccessKey
    • Some systems may require "Ctrl" + "Cmd" + "AccessKey

The following AccessKeys apply to the KatAlyst website:

Alt + AccessKey Navigates to
1 Homepage
2 About Us
3 Services
4 Training Courses
5 Consultants
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7 Contact Us
8 Business Performance Management
9 Opens an email addressed to Katalyst
0 Top of Page
A Business Strategy
G Integrated Healthcare Management
/ Motivation
[ Organisational Development
] People Related Consultancy
U Project Management
W Staff Development
X Site Map
Y Legal Disclaimer
Z Accessibility
# Management Skills Courses
; People Skills Courses
= Technical Skills Courses